I have been attending the Family Support Group now for over 2 years. After years of struggling to cope with a family members Drug addiction and mental health problems i was at the end of my rope. I was astounded at the support and caring of all the people involved in running this group and they helped me see that there is hope, that I was not alone in my struggle and that there were strategies I could put into place to help change come into our lives.

A huge weight had been lifted a little from my shoulders and also other family members. I was finally talking to people who knew exactly what we were going through, and I didn’t feel so alone. Before this group ,Ii was taking time off work, I was losing weight, I was anxious and slipping into depression just trying to cope with the day to day problems of coping with my loved ones addictions. Now I know that there are ways to help myself so that I can help my family member. I learnt that I was an enabler, that I couldn’t say no, and that all I was doing was allowing the addict and the addiction to consume my life. My FDH Group has taught me and supported me so much.


SHARC has been amazingly supportive in the 10 years I have been involved. I would not be where I am now, yes it’s taken many years but I have learnt a great deal, attended the ARC program, attended sessions of significant relevance, hearing guest speakers speak about addiction and much more. Throughout my time with SHARC I have gained many friends with whom I am still in touch. I have survived where I thought I may not. I have regained my life.

The people at SHARC are hardworking, dedicated, supportive and very approachable people, without them we all would not have survived this horrific ordeal of addiction.


I would like SHARC to know just how much I have come along in myself and in turn, been able to pass on to other members of my family. Before attending the group I felt like I had shell shock when I found out that my son was on the drug, Ice and had been for the past 3 years. I think that I finally got hold of your organisation and the work that you do from the internet initially. I was so very desperate to get help primarily for him and did not believe that there would be a form of help and advice for myself. At the time I did not realise how very tired and desparate I had become because of the drug situation. I was given an invitation to get support for both my family and self. I did not really think this was what I was looking for and really wanted a “magic pill” to get my son back again. However, I decided to go to the group. So much vital information has been shared to myself and others to keep us going, to realise that my son is going to continue doing what he wants until such time he decides otherwise and how it is vital for me, my family, friends and for him to take care of myself and share in what life has to offer us is just as important, if not, imperative for all concerned. I want you to know that after my first meeting and on sharing this with me, I came away with a great load being lifted from my shoulders.