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Breakthrough - ICE Education for Families

Turning Point, SHARC and Bouverie Family Therapy Centre, are pleased to offer BreakThrough – Ice education for families. Facilitators from Turning Point and SHARC will be delivering a number of four hour education sessions to families who have been affected by ICE. Over the course of the workshop the following information will be discussed. Topic 1 – The Facts Types of drug use ICE and effects Withdrawal and recovery Stages of change Treatment options Topic 2…

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Annual General Meeting

You are warmly invited to attend SHARC’s 2015  ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING  on Monday 23 November 2015  140 Grange Rd, Carnegie BBQ from 5.00pm AGM commencing at 6.00pm The theme for 2015 is ‘ADVOCACY’ with guest speaker Professor Margaret Hamilton Including the launch of the Gordon Storey Memorial Hall and insightful stories from SHARC community members Please RSVP to Daina on 03 9573 1740  or dlatta@sharc.org.au by 16 November 2015

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Family Drug Help Newsletter 2015

We are excited to announce that Family Drug Help’s latest newsletter is here.  We hope you enjoy it.  Click here to read Edition 58 of FDH Newsletter   

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Meth Inside Out: Brain & Behaviour

BRAIN & BEHAVIOUR equips viewers with an understanding of how ice changes the brain and, consequently, behaviour. 3D animations, accessible explanations, and personal accounts help viewers understand complex scientific concepts. Users learn how to better cope with the stages of ice addiction and recovery by gaining an understanding of the biological underpinnings of the high, tolerance, craving, paranoia, aggression, anhedonia, and healing. Healing                                                              The Recovery                                                           Craving                                                             Triggers                                                                    Aggression                                                      Paranoia         Tolerance                                                        The Crash                                                               Pleasure                                                          The Problem         …

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